Rise of the Runelords

Balt's Farewell

“After being brought back to life from the death doorsteps, Balt understood that life was too precious to be wasted on adventuring errands. Balt knew deep in his heart that he would better serve the Sheylin clergy who previously saved his life by working full time at their main temple as a junior Security Officer. He had to be alive to help the careless priestesses embrace much stricter security procedures and policies. Dying in the wilderness would not achieve this purpose.

After fully recovering from his almost deadly wound, Balt thanked the party again for their help, returned the ring of protection, wished them best success in their endeavors and left the town to return to the Sheylin main temple where his professional skills were much needed."

Philippe Don

Session 4 & 5: Wrath

The Catacombs of Wrath

A well armed and armored Dwarf stomps into The Rusty Dragon, takes a second to find a stool he can reach and grumpily sets himself upon it. He continues his tale without bothering to notice if anyone is listening

“…. and they were Torag only knows how far underground, past the rough tunnel dug from the glass works, and now walking in corridors ancient and finely crafted. Moving with purpose through the complex each door being expertly checked by the ever inquisitive Siafora. After a brief flurry of combat in a cell lined room, Balt proving to be a tripping menace to 2 sin spawn, the group moved into an abandoned “interrogation” room. After several minuets examining the torture devices Garridan decided to push on, leading the party into a large room, it’s floor a checkerboard of hatches, a strange shuffling echoing in the room.Careful inspection discovered a Zombie within each of the eleven pits. Clerical magic was employed to dispatch each in turn without any danger to the party and the lids were closed again without disturbing the bodies further."

“Aye! Lad, they left the bodies where they lay, now where is my ale, I’m drier than Pharasma’s fanny!!!!”

“So where was I, Oh aye the Wizards chamber. After some time and a wee skirmish with some fierce beast magical in nature, they came across a small round chamber, its crimson metallic walls magically etched with some kind of writing and it’s contents floating around in some mockery of gravity. As Mordent the mystic was preparing his journal to accurately document the phenomena, Garridan thought it would be fun to see if it would support him. Grinning with glee at his own weightlessness he began throwing the contents out to the waiting group. Having identified the magical writing as being Thasilonian words for Hate, Anger, Rage and Wrath, Mordent and Pendelton then went on to examine a book of spells and a wand. After this a lab was found, with a book dedicated to the evil goddess Lamashtu, clearly some foul magic had been performed there in attempts to merge creatures in awful ways.”

“How could I know that!?! Well they told me laddie, they told me about the deformed skeletons and that twice cursed bile spewing 3 armed goblin”

spits on the floor

“Well anyway lad, not since my ogre killing days back in the mountains have I heard of such unnaturalness and cross breeding. Last I heard they had made it through to some kind of alter to a dark god, that’s not the kind of thing you want under yer pretty little town now is it lad??”

“Aye well that’s what I thought, so I figured if they have the stones to go clear the place out, I’d not be worth the name Highgor Hammerfell if I didn’t step in and give em a hand.”

Highgor Hammerfell

Session 3: Glass

The Glassworks

…we’d just entered the glassworks, looking for Ameiko the bartender who had gone there to meet her brother Tsuto.

In the main workroom we found a bunch of goblins. Also Ameiko’s father who had been tortured to death with molten glass, and some other dead humans who had also been tortured to death (but not as well). We questioned some of the goblins and they told us that they were working under Tsuto and that they were thistletop goblins. Further investigation of the ground floor indicated that the goblins had been there since the raid on the town.

In the basement we found Ameiko in a makeshift cell, and Tsuto sleeping in a nearby room. We nabbed him and took him to the prison. He refused to talk, but we found his journal. In it he mentioned Nualia, who is the daughter of the old priest (whose bones got stolen from the graveyard during the raid). She was thought to have died in a church fire some years ago (but apparently not). She’s an Aasimar (half-celestial), but apparently not too happy about it, because she plans to use her father’s bones in some sort of ritual to strip her Celestial half away. She’s already turning into some sort of demon.
Also in the journal, he mentions that she’s been spending a lot of time in “the lower chambers” and that she is trying to wake ‘Malfeshnkor’ She also wants to offer the town up to ’Lamashtu’s Fire’

In terms of the raid, the journal mentions someone called Ripnugget, a bugbear named Bruthazmus, and Quasits (impy demons) It mentions that a second bigger raid is planned, and this one will go through the smuggling tunnel in the glassworks (which we found.)

level 2 ding. The druid got roguier, one cleric got monkier, the other got wizardlier, the witch got witchier.

We’ve told the town guard about all this stuff and we’re now seeing where the smuggling tunnel goes. The old tunnel was blocked by a cave-in, but further investigation revealed a makeshift passage. Down it, we fought a sinspawn in a cave and then the tunnel led into another basement. We’ve just started exploring it.

Daniel Stitt

Session 1 & 2: Festival, Fire & Fearless Adventurers

Festival, Fire & Fearless Adventurers

Following the chaotic end to this years Swallowtail Festival our group of unlikely friends have fast become local heroes, dubbed “The Goblin Slayers”.

Having taken care of a few matters around town such as going boar hunting in Tickwood forest with local baron the heroes saved in the goblin raid, Aldern Foxglove, which turned out to be a farce for the sake of boosting Aldern’s ego. Investigating the desecration of a local mausoleum, that of the towns previous priest. The priests remains were gone and two animated skeletons were left waiting for our heroes. After the discovery of a dissipated Robe of Bones in the mausoleum our heroes spoke with Sheriff Hemlock the local ranger, Shalelu, who had just arrived in town much sooner than expected. Stories of organised goblin tribes working together left everyone quite concerned with who might be leading the goblin tribes. Shalelu accompanied the heroes in tracking goblin footprints and the footprints of another indiscernible medium sized humanoid from the towns graveyard, over the north wall and into Tickwood forest, the tracks went cold not far into the forest. The Slaying a goblin commando who’d been hiding under the floorboards of family home, terrifying the little boy who lived there. Unfortunately the Goblin Slayers arrived on the scene after the boy’s father had taken matters into his own hands at the cost of his life, being half eaten by the ravenous goblin. Meanwhile Garridan managed to get get himself into trouble with local shopkeeper, Vin Vinder, by first plowing his promiscuous daughter in the shops basement and the latter that night sneaking into her room above the shop. Both encounters ended with Garridan being knocked unconscious with a single hit from burly Vin.

Now after awakening to a new day (well not Garridan) our heros have gone downstairs to have breakfast at the inn which they have been staying at for the past few days however the inns owner, Ameiko Kaijitsu, is nowhere to be found. The halfling bar maid accompanied the heroes into Ameiko’s bedroom where they found a note from her estranged half brother Tsuto hinting that their father, local nobleman Lonjiku Kaijitsu, might be behind the goblin raid on the town and to meet her at the Glassworks. With recollections of Lonjiku berating Ameiko the first night the heroes stayed at the inn and knowledge that Lonjiku owns the Glassworks our heroes have gone to investigate while Garridan sleeps off a splitting headache and a swollen-shut right eye.

Kevin Robinson

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