Rise of the Runelords

Session 3: Glass

The Glassworks

…we’d just entered the glassworks, looking for Ameiko the bartender who had gone there to meet her brother Tsuto.

In the main workroom we found a bunch of goblins. Also Ameiko’s father who had been tortured to death with molten glass, and some other dead humans who had also been tortured to death (but not as well). We questioned some of the goblins and they told us that they were working under Tsuto and that they were thistletop goblins. Further investigation of the ground floor indicated that the goblins had been there since the raid on the town.

In the basement we found Ameiko in a makeshift cell, and Tsuto sleeping in a nearby room. We nabbed him and took him to the prison. He refused to talk, but we found his journal. In it he mentioned Nualia, who is the daughter of the old priest (whose bones got stolen from the graveyard during the raid). She was thought to have died in a church fire some years ago (but apparently not). She’s an Aasimar (half-celestial), but apparently not too happy about it, because she plans to use her father’s bones in some sort of ritual to strip her Celestial half away. She’s already turning into some sort of demon.
Also in the journal, he mentions that she’s been spending a lot of time in “the lower chambers” and that she is trying to wake ‘Malfeshnkor’ She also wants to offer the town up to ’Lamashtu’s Fire’

In terms of the raid, the journal mentions someone called Ripnugget, a bugbear named Bruthazmus, and Quasits (impy demons) It mentions that a second bigger raid is planned, and this one will go through the smuggling tunnel in the glassworks (which we found.)

level 2 ding. The druid got roguier, one cleric got monkier, the other got wizardlier, the witch got witchier.

We’ve told the town guard about all this stuff and we’re now seeing where the smuggling tunnel goes. The old tunnel was blocked by a cave-in, but further investigation revealed a makeshift passage. Down it, we fought a sinspawn in a cave and then the tunnel led into another basement. We’ve just started exploring it.

Daniel Stitt



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