Rise of the Runelords

Session 4 & 5: Wrath

The Catacombs of Wrath

A well armed and armored Dwarf stomps into The Rusty Dragon, takes a second to find a stool he can reach and grumpily sets himself upon it. He continues his tale without bothering to notice if anyone is listening

“…. and they were Torag only knows how far underground, past the rough tunnel dug from the glass works, and now walking in corridors ancient and finely crafted. Moving with purpose through the complex each door being expertly checked by the ever inquisitive Siafora. After a brief flurry of combat in a cell lined room, Balt proving to be a tripping menace to 2 sin spawn, the group moved into an abandoned “interrogation” room. After several minuets examining the torture devices Garridan decided to push on, leading the party into a large room, it’s floor a checkerboard of hatches, a strange shuffling echoing in the room.Careful inspection discovered a Zombie within each of the eleven pits. Clerical magic was employed to dispatch each in turn without any danger to the party and the lids were closed again without disturbing the bodies further."

“Aye! Lad, they left the bodies where they lay, now where is my ale, I’m drier than Pharasma’s fanny!!!!”

“So where was I, Oh aye the Wizards chamber. After some time and a wee skirmish with some fierce beast magical in nature, they came across a small round chamber, its crimson metallic walls magically etched with some kind of writing and it’s contents floating around in some mockery of gravity. As Mordent the mystic was preparing his journal to accurately document the phenomena, Garridan thought it would be fun to see if it would support him. Grinning with glee at his own weightlessness he began throwing the contents out to the waiting group. Having identified the magical writing as being Thasilonian words for Hate, Anger, Rage and Wrath, Mordent and Pendelton then went on to examine a book of spells and a wand. After this a lab was found, with a book dedicated to the evil goddess Lamashtu, clearly some foul magic had been performed there in attempts to merge creatures in awful ways.”

“How could I know that!?! Well they told me laddie, they told me about the deformed skeletons and that twice cursed bile spewing 3 armed goblin”

spits on the floor

“Well anyway lad, not since my ogre killing days back in the mountains have I heard of such unnaturalness and cross breeding. Last I heard they had made it through to some kind of alter to a dark god, that’s not the kind of thing you want under yer pretty little town now is it lad??”

“Aye well that’s what I thought, so I figured if they have the stones to go clear the place out, I’d not be worth the name Highgor Hammerfell if I didn’t step in and give em a hand.”

Highgor Hammerfell



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